March 14, 2015

Anna Weatherup Photo Shoot

filed under: Anna Weatherup by Heath Anna Weatherup is well known for having all the judges spin on 'the Voice' (for her rendition of Fields of Gold). She is an amazing (and overqualified) wedding singer! I first met her at a wedding before she was on the show. I was familiar with her work and said that I'd love to shoot her sometime. So when she got in touch and let us know she wanted a shoot, we were keen to jump right in. Here are a few from the shoot: Anna Weatherup Anna Weatherup Anna Weatherup the voice Anna Weatherup the voice Anna Weatherup For the photographically minded, the above was taken on a Pentax 67II with the 105mm 2.4 lens, using Kodak Portra 800 exposed at 400 and developed normally. A Nikon F6 was also used, and I will add photos from that soon too. When Anna Weatherup sings, her tone is the first thing you notice. Then you notice her talent in restraint. I love the way she doesn't do too much. She has great taste. Even though she is capable of doing the tricks, the best trick is knowing how much is enough. Here's an example, skip to the one minute mark to get straight to the song: You can keep in touch with Anna Weatherup here. Also Anna writes custom songs for people getting married. Check it out here.

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