October 27, 2017

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Hi - Heath here - just a quick note that more blog posts are coming soon. At the peak of wedding season at the moment so a bit short on extra time. Much more needs to be shared though!
December 7, 2016

Villa San Juan Capistrano Wedding

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Villa San Juan Capistrano Wedding

The Villa in San Juan Capistrano. Wedding paradise. Nicole and Kevin said that when they started looking for venues, their first place to see was The Villa. Before their tour had ended they both knew there was no point in looking further. We think they chose wisely. Nicole and Kevin are close friends of ours, and also family through marriage. So this wedding naturally meant a lot to us. We hope you enjoy this post. It doesn't look as though many weddings will be put up on the website this year. This is the first one on the main blog and the year is three-quarters over. The last blog post was a from last year. We do intend to share more, we've got so many to choose from to blog here. It's been our busiest year with more weddings than any previous year. If you like the venue and would like to have your wedding there, here is the website for The Villa in San Juan Capistrano.

Villa San Juan Capistrano Wedding wedding dress and invitations orangecounty2.13 orangecounty2.14 orangecounty2.16 groomsmen brothers groomsmen orangecounty2.19 orangecounty3.1 bride black and white Bridal bouquet orangecounty3.4 orangecounty3.5 orangecounty3.6 orangecounty3.7 orangecounty3.8 Orange County Wedding Bride and Groom OC orangecounty4.01 Bride Orange County Villa San Juan Capistrano Wedding Bridal Orange County orangecounty4.4 orangecounty4.5 orangecounty4.6 Orange County wedding orangecounty5.001 orangecounty5.0001 orangecounty5.00001 orangecounty5.2 orangecounty5.3 orangecounty5.4 Villa San Juan Capistrano Wedding orangecounty5.6 orangecounty5.8 orangecounty5.7 orangecounty6.02 orangecounty5.9 orangecounty6.03orangecounty6.04 orangecounty6.05 orangecounty6.06 orangecounty6.07 orangecounty6.08 orangecounty6.09 orangecounty6.095 orangecounty7.01 orangecounty7.001 orangecounty7.2 orangecounty7.3 orangecounty7.4 orangecounty7.5 orangecounty7.6 orangecounty7.7 orangecounty7.8 orangecounty7.9 orangecounty8 orangecounty8.01 orangecounty8.2 orangecounty8.3 orangecounty8.4 orangecounty8.5 orangecounty8.6 orangecounty8.7 orangecounty8.7 orangecounty8.9 orangecounty9.0001 orangecounty9.001 orangecounty9.05 orangecounty9.04 orangecounty9.03 orangecounty9.02 orangecounty9.06 orangecounty9.07 orangecounty9.08 orangecounty9.09 orangecounty10 orangecounty11 orangecounty12 orangecounty13 orangecounty14 orangecounty15 orangecounty16 orangecounty17 orangecounty18 Southern California is blessed with lots of sun, and we are always happy to travel there for photographic work. If you would like us to give you a quote to travel to your destination wedding, email us here. Heath: This last photo is the day after the wedding, just spending a lazy Sunday afternoon with the family. Nicole and Kevin came by for a few hours before heading to the airport (to fly to Bali for their honeymoon). I love this shot because it sums up how Sunday afternoons feel at Kevin's parents house. There is always a lot of talking, but more than anything there is competition. Recently it has been corn hole. Before that the biggest Mario Kart 64 battles I've ever been a part of. Great fun but it would have been much better had I won =) orangecounty19
October 27, 2016

A wedding photographers Chattanooga TN dream: Amanda & Nick

Wedding Photographers Chattanooga TN

And the award for the most creative wedding goes to Nick and Amanda! This was a great day to be  wedding photographers in Chattanooga TN. A few days earlier, while listening to their description of the set up we prepared ourselves to shoot a bizarre disco wedding in the dark. But what we were honored to photograph was something SO entirely different and absolutely beautiful! What a fun group of people… what amazing styling by Zach McDonald and what a unique and memorable day! This wedding photography blog post is a little bit back-to-front. The first few photos were taken after their wedding and after their honeymoon in Iceland too. The planning of their day left no time for a couple shoot so instead of engagement photography they got dressed up after the wedding for a ‘post-wedding photography shoot’. The location is downtown Chattanooga TN for the indoor shots, and Chattanooga’s Baylor School for the outside ones. This post is a mix of 6×7 film & digital. For the technical minded, we used a Pentax 67II with a home-mounted 178/2.4 Aero Ektar large format lens for most of the film photographs. It was truly a dream shooting this beautiful couple and as two wedding photographers in Chattanooga TN we hope to see more of you stylishly in love couples! If you like what you see and want us to be your wedding photographers in Chattanooga, Atlanta or Nashville (or anywhere really), drop us a line here.  

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Wedding Photographers Chattanooga TN chattanooga0 chattanooga1 chattanooga2 chattanooga3 chattanooga4 chattanooga5 chattanooga6 * * * * * The actual 'wedding day' photography starts here

chattanooga7 chattanooga8 chattanooga9 chattanooga10 chattanooga11 chattanooga12 chattanooga13 chattanooga14 chattanooga15 chattanooga16 chattanooga18 chattanooga19 chattanooga20 chattanooga22 chattanooga23 chattanooga26 chattanooga27 chattanooga28 chattanooga29 chattanooga30 chattanooga31 chattanooga32 chattanooga33 chattanooga34 chattanooga35 chattanooga36 chattanooga37 chattanooga38 chattanooga39 chattanooga40 chattanooga41 chattanooga42 chattanooga43 chattanooga44 chattanooga45 chattanooga46 chattanooga47 chattanooga50 chattanooga51 chattanooga52 chattanooga53 chattanooga54 chattanooga55 chattanooga56 chattanooga57 chattanooga58 chattanooga59 chattanooga60 chattanooga61.1 chattanooga61 chattanooga62 chattanooga64 chattanooga65 chattanooga66 chattanooga67.1 chattanooga67 chattanooga68 chattanooga69 chattanooga70 chattanooga71 chattanooga72 chattanooga73 chattanooga74 chattanooga75 chattanooga76 chattanooga77 chattanooga78 chattanooga79 chattanooga80.2 chattanooga80.3 chattanooga81 chattanooga82 chattanooga83 chattanooga84 chattanooga85 chattanooga86 chattanooga87 chattanooga88 chattanooga89 chattanooga90 chattanooga93 chattanooga94 chattanooga95 chattanooga96 chattanooga97 chattanooga98 chattanooga99 chattanooga100
August 25, 2016

Newcastle Private Garden Wedding Photography

Filed under Newcastle Private Garden Wedding Photography Photographing weddings in private gardens is a special thing. In this case, every tree was planted by the brides father. So it makes sense that she climbed at least one during the day. The ceremony wasn't only surrounded by family and friends, but an extension of them that has (perhaps thoughtfully) watched over the years. Even though the party (at the Lucky in Newcastle) continued well into the night, this blog post features on the part of the day in the garden. We very much hope you enjoy it =)

Wedding Newcastlenewcastle2newcastle3newcastle5.1newcastleweddingphotonewcastlephotoweddingweddingphotographernewcastlenewcastle10newcastle11weddingphotographernewcastlenewcastle13newcastle15Newcastle Private Garden Wedding Photographynewcastle17newcastle18Newcastle weddingnewcastle21newcastle22newcastle23newcastle24newcastle25newcastle26newcastle27newcastle29newcastle30newcastle30.1newcastle31Newcastle wedding gardennewcastle37newcastle34newcastle35wedding newcastle photoNewcastle garden weddingnewcastle38newcastle36newcastle40newcastle41newcastle42newcastle43newcastle44newcastle45newcastle47newcastle48newcastle49newcastle50newcastle51newcastle52newcastle54newcastle53newcastle55

We'd very much like to thank The Wedding Designers who did a fantastic job. It's always a delight to hear when a couple have chosen them. Get in touch with them at: http://www.theweddingdesigner.com.au
March 14, 2015

Anna Weatherup Photo Shoot

filed under: Anna Weatherup by Heath Anna Weatherup is well known for having all the judges spin on 'the Voice' (for her rendition of Fields of Gold). She is an amazing (and overqualified) wedding singer! I first met her at a wedding before she was on the show. I was familiar with her work and said that I'd love to shoot her sometime. So when she got in touch and let us know she wanted a shoot, we were keen to jump right in. Here are a few from the shoot: Anna Weatherup Anna Weatherup Anna Weatherup the voice Anna Weatherup the voice Anna Weatherup For the photographically minded, the above was taken on a Pentax 67II with the 105mm 2.4 lens, using Kodak Portra 800 exposed at 400 and developed normally. A Nikon F6 was also used, and I will add photos from that soon too. When Anna Weatherup sings, her tone is the first thing you notice. Then you notice her talent in restraint. I love the way she doesn't do too much. She has great taste. Even though she is capable of doing the tricks, the best trick is knowing how much is enough. Here's an example, skip to the one minute mark to get straight to the song: You can keep in touch with Anna Weatherup here. Also Anna writes custom songs for people getting married. Check it out here.
December 20, 2014

Walnut Hill Farm Wedding Photography – Georgia and Sean

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This one is very close to home. The bride, Georgia, is Jac's sister. We had a completely over-booked October this year, with 7 weddings in that month. That pushed Georgia and Sean to move their wedding to November. Such are the perils of having a wedding photographer in the family. Walnut Hill Farm, luckily, had lovely weather for the middle of November. Otherwise it would have been on us =)

Wedding Photography Chattanooga TN

Jac was Georgia's bridesmaid, so the photographs you see below are mine (Heath here). Thanks to Georgia and Sean for having me. It's just so enjoyable to me. I never thought that I'd enjoy photographing weddings so much. When combined with family it elevates it to an even higher level.

The vintage Porsche getaway car was a special thing. Georgia has always loved them. Sean's job is selling new Volkswagen parts to old buses and beetles. The engine in this is almost identical to what he works with every day. Styling was done by Zach MacDonald from 86 Things. He's so darn good. Georgia looked beautiful. Sean did too. A great day was had at Walnut Hill Farm. The wedding photography below is all film except for the last 4 shots. For the photographers - Film: Kodak, mainly Portra 400, black and white is Arista 400. Cameras: Pentax 67II, Pentax 645n and 2x Nikon F100's. Scanned at home on a Fuji Frontier SP-3000. Developed by Millers.

Chattanooga2 Walnut Hill Farm Wedding Photography Chattanooga4 Chattanooga5i Chattanooga5ii Chattanooga5iv Chattanooga Wedding Photography Chattanooga7 Walnut Hill Farm Wedding Photography Chattanooga8 Chattanooga9 Chattanooga10 Chattanooga11 Chattanooga12 Chattanooga13 Chattanooga14 Chattanooga16 Chattanooga15 Walnut Hill Chattanooga20 Wedding Photography Georgia Chattanooga18 Farm Wedding Photography Chattanooga22 Chattanooga23 Walnut Hill Photos Chattanooga26 Chattanooga27 Chattanooga29 Chattanooga30 Chattanooga28 Wedding Photography Georgia chattanooga wedding photography Chattanooga33 Chattanooga34 Chattanooga35 Chattanooga36 Chattanooga37 guests enjoying wedding Chattanooga39 Chattanooga41 Chattanooga42 Chattanooga44 Chattanooga43 Chattanooga46 wedding photography chattanooga Chattanooga48 Chattanooga49 Chattanooga50 Chattanooga51 Chattanooga54 Chattanooga52 Chattanooga53 Chattanooga55 86 things styling Chattanooga57 Chattanooga58 Chattanooga59 Chattanooga60 Chattanooga61 Chattanooga62 Chattanooga63 Chattanooga64 Chattanooga65 Chattanooga66 Chattanooga67 Chattanooga70 Chattanooga73 Chattanooga72 Chattanooga68 Chattanooga71 Chattanooga75 Chattanooga74 Chattanooga76 Chattanooga77 Chattanooga78