March 13, 2013

Wedding Photography Atlanta

Wedding Photography Atlanta We’d been wanting to blog this day of wedding photography in Atlanta since the day it all happened last year. Michelle wrote to us about a week ago about her life in downtown Atlanta, her green card application (she is Canadian), and also wanting a post photoshopped out of one of our photographs. We were happy to oblige. As a matter of fact we really love our couples and are always happy to hear from them. We first met Michelle and Austin on this day. We had no pre-conceived ideas of what they would be like or what their style was like. We were fresh off a plane from LA, and when we walked in we immediately felt welcome. Michelle's charismatic smile and enthusiasm was immediately endearing, we heard her shout. 'Jac and Heath are here?' followed by her head upside down smiling down the staircase. We'd never seen a more natural bride in our entire career with wedding photography. Atlanta may have put on a beautiful show of autumnal colour and light, but the city was matched by our lovely bride who was positively bursting with beauty and radiance.

* * * * *

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March 2, 2013

Hunter Valley Wedding with Georgia and Nick

We weren't sure what state morale would be in when we showed up on the scene. Rain, rain, rain and no chance of it easing. But it didn't take long to realize this was going to be a really fun day. We were greeted by Booty, the bubbly makeup artist and a group of completely relaxed and effortlessly beautiful girls. The smiles they wore paired with the flowers in their hair said it all. Rain shmain! In fact, the rain only enhanced the colors of the day. Thank you Nick and Georgia for sharing your incredible taste and fantastic group of family and friends with us. Yours is a beautiful story and one we loved capturing. huntervalley1 huntervalley2 huntervalley3 huntervalley04_4_o huntervalley09_9_o huntervalley011_100_o huntervalley12 huntervalley13 huntervalley14 huntervalley15 huntervalley16 huntervalley19_19_o huntervalley20 huntervalley21 huntervalley22 huntervalley23 huntervalley24_24_o huntervalley25 huntervalley26 huntervalley27 huntervalley28 huntervalley29 huntervalley30 huntervalley31 huntervalley32 huntervalley33 huntervalley34 huntervalley35 huntervalley36 huntervalley37 huntervalley38 huntervalley39 huntervalley40 huntervalley41 huntervalley42 huntervalley43 huntervalley44 huntervalley45 huntervalley46 huntervalley47 huntervalley48 huntervalley49 huntervalley50 huntervalley51 huntervalley52 huntervalley53 huntervalley54 huntervalley55 huntervalley61_140_o huntervalley62_62_o huntervalley63_63_o huntervalley67_65_o huntervalley68 huntervalley69 huntervalley70 huntervalley71 huntervalley72 huntervalley73 huntervalley74 huntervalley75_73_o huntervalley78_76_o huntervalley79_77_o huntervalley80_78_o huntervalley81_79_o huntervalley82_80_o huntervalley83_81_o huntervalley84_82_o huntervalley85_83_o huntervalley86_84_o huntervalley87_85_o huntervalley89_87_o huntervalley91_89_o
January 27, 2013

Newcastle wedding photography, Tammy and Josh

Filed under: Newcastle wedding photography. What a rad couple of people. Josh and Tammy are living in India working for Asian Aid. We're pretty sure they hold the record for number of weddings, as this celebration was their fourth! But that's what happens when an Indian bloke from Texas marries a lovely Australian gal and they are loved by people around the globe. We were just honored to document their final hurrah! Their morning wedding photography session started bright and early at Frankies Place on Darby Street, then the party moved to the Watt Space Art Gallery where Josh auctioned some of his beautiful prints of India for Asian Aid. We like to make sure our clients know that rain on a wedding day doesn't have to be a negative thing, in fact some of the more popular weddings we've shot have been on rainy days. If the bride and groom are willing to get wet, there are even more exciting possibilities for shots that stand apart from the norm. It was a truly unique, colorful, fun, and rainy day we spent with them in Newcastle. Wedding photography puts us in charge of sharing their story, so we hope you enjoy it below. Yes, it's true fire brigade even showed up. Newcastle wedding photographyNewcastle2Newcastle3Newcastle4Newcastle5Newcastle6Newcastle7Newcastle8Newcastle9Newcastle10Newcastle11Newcastle12Newcastle17Newcastle18Newcastle19Newcastle20Newcastle21Newcastle22Newcastle wedding photographersNewcastle31Newcastle32Newcastle33Newcastle wedding photographyNewcastle40Newcastle41Newcastle43Newcastle44Newcastle45Newcastle46Newcastle55Newcastle56Newcastle57
March 3, 2012

Forster Wedding Photography

Filed under Forster Wedding Photography wedding photography blueys beach We really enjoyed our time photographing this wedding at Forster. Craig was right in his speech about Brooke, she has this beautiful way of making everyone feel so special. It was such a pleasure to be around such genuinely happy people. (We're hoping they will be our friends. Fingers crossed). Anyways, we couldn't help but blog their bright and cheery day. Congrats to you both and we'll be waiting patiently by the phone! There is one downside to having a wedding in Forster. If you surf you'll have one eye on the bride and the other on the surf. The surf was huge, but a little bumpy and tough to ride on this day. We hope to be back in Forster on Wedding Photography business again soon. If you are planning on being married there, you can get in touch with us here. PS: Brooke got ready in a great house for bridal prep, easy to photograph, Salt Rock. forster02 wedding photography forster bluey's beach wedding forster06 Forster Wedding Photography bluey's beach wedding forster11 forster12 forster14 Forster Wedding Photography forster16 forster17 forster18 groom bluey's beach wedding forster20 bluey's beach weddings forster22 forster23 forster24 forster25 beach wedding forster forster27 forster28 forster29 forster30 forster31 forster32 forster33 forster34 forster35 forster36 forster37 forster39 forster40 forster42 forster43 wedding photography forster forster45 wedding photographs forster forster47 forster48 wedding forster forster50 forster51 forster52 forster53 bluey's beach wedding forster55 forster56 forster57 forster58 forster59 forster60 forster61 forster62 forster63 forster64 forster65 wedding vw kombi forster67 forster68 wedding photographers forster forster70 forster71 forster72 forster73 bluey's beach forster75 forster76 forster77 forster78 forster79 forster80 forster81 forster82 forster83 forster84 forster85 forster86 forster87 forster88 forster89 forster91 forster92 forster93 forster94 forster95 forster96 forster97 forster98 forster99 forster100 forster101 forster102 forster105 forster106 forster107
February 19, 2012

Colorado Wedding Photography

colorado wedding photography Of all the locations for a wedding, Colorado photographs like a supermodel. However, the location isn't special without the characters, and Phil and Kristy certainly know how to celebrate. And so does their circle. And so does Max their lab. The children showed adorable charm as well as I'm sure you'd agree. We'd definitely like to do more Colorado wedding photography. In this post you'll see only a small fraction of the wedding photographs taken that day a few hours drive from Denver. The weather kept us on our toes, with snow, sleet, sunshine and rain. Took all the portraits under massive snowflakes only to have the sun come out five minutes later. It was such a fun ride! There were many special moments in this wedding to photograph. Colorado: thank-you for the crazy weather and for Devil's Thumb Ranch. Phil and Kristy, thanks for choosing us.

* * * * *

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