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October 27, 2016

A wedding photographers Chattanooga TN dream: Amanda & Nick

Wedding Photographers Chattanooga TN

And the award for the most creative wedding goes to Nick and Amanda! This was a great day to be  wedding photographers in Chattanooga TN. A few days earlier, while listening to their description of the set up we prepared ourselves to shoot a bizarre disco wedding in the dark. But what we were honored to photograph was something SO entirely different and absolutely beautiful! What a fun group of people… what amazing styling by Zach McDonald and what a unique and memorable day! This wedding photography blog post is a little bit back-to-front. The first few photos were taken after their wedding and after their honeymoon in Iceland too. The planning of their day left no time for a couple shoot so instead of engagement photography they got dressed up after the wedding for a ‘post-wedding photography shoot’. The location is downtown Chattanooga TN for the indoor shots, and Chattanooga’s Baylor School for the outside ones. This post is a mix of 6×7 film & digital. For the technical minded, we used a Pentax 67II with a home-mounted 178/2.4 Aero Ektar large format lens for most of the film photographs. It was truly a dream shooting this beautiful couple and as two wedding photographers in Chattanooga TN we hope to see more of you stylishly in love couples! If you like what you see and want us to be your wedding photographers in Chattanooga, Atlanta or Nashville (or anywhere really), drop us a line here.  

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Wedding Photographers Chattanooga TN chattanooga0 chattanooga1 chattanooga2 chattanooga3 chattanooga4 chattanooga5 chattanooga6 * * * * * The actual 'wedding day' photography starts here

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December 18, 2014

Tennessee River Place Wedding Photography

Filed under Tennessee River Place Wedding Photography Maria, Bert, and Ruby (their super-duper dog) had us shoot their wedding at Tennessee River Place. Photography has never been easier or more enjoyable. It was a freakishly cold day in November but these two had us laughing so hard it didn't phase us a bit. wedding photography Maria and Bert met while working together as white water river rafting guides. Mother nature brought them together, so it made sense that they chose to get married outside at Tennessee River Place. It's nice that they met doing something they are passionate about, and they go back to the river every year to do it again. They've been kind enough to extend an invitation to us to come and join them. Keep an eye out next year for photographs of us rafting on our blogs from that at some point. The dance floor antics were worth mentioning. A few 'first evers' happened. Heath was licked on the face by a bearded man. That's a great way to make friends, possibly inspired by Ruby... Keep an eye out for the hipster PBR cake and a stupendous amount of cookies. tennessee river place wedding photography riverplace3 riverplace4 riverplace5 riverplace6 tennessee river tennessee river place wedding photography tennessee river place wedding photography chattanooga riverplace10 riverplace11 riverplace12 riverplace13 riverplace14 tennessee river place wedding photography riverplace16 riverplace17 riverplace18 riverplace19 riverplace20 riverplace21 riverplace22 chattanooga wedding photography tennessee river place wedding photography riverplace25 riverplace26 riverplace27 riverplace28 riverplace29 riverplace30 bride and groom wedding photography riverplace32 riverplace33 riverplace34 riverplace35 riverplace36 wedding photography tennessee river place wedding photography riverplace39 riverplace40 copy riverplace41ii riverplace42ii tennessee river place wedding photography tennessee river place wedding photography riverplace45 riverplace46 riverplace48ii riverplace49 riverplace50 riverplace51 tennessee river place wedding photography tennessee river place wedding photography riverplace54 riverplace55 riverplace56 riverplace57 riverplace58 riverplace59 riverplace60 riverplace61 riverplace62 riverplace63 riverplace64 riverplace65 riverplace66 riverplace67 riverplace68 riverplace69 riverplace70 riverplace71 riverplace72 riverplace73 riverplace74 riverplace75 riverplace76 riverplace77 riverplace78 riverplace79 riverplace80 riverplace81 riverplace82 riverplace83 riverplace84 riverplace86 riverplace87 riverplace88 riverplace89 riverplace90 riverplace91 riverplace92 riverplace93 riverplace94 riverplace95 riverplace96 riverplace97 riverplace98 riverplace99 riverplace100 riverplace101 riverplace102