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December 7, 2016

Villa San Juan Capistrano Wedding

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Villa San Juan Capistrano Wedding

The Villa in San Juan Capistrano. Wedding paradise. Nicole and Kevin said that when they started looking for venues, their first place to see was The Villa. Before their tour had ended they both knew there was no point in looking further. We think they chose wisely. Nicole and Kevin are close friends of ours, and also family through marriage. So this wedding naturally meant a lot to us. We hope you enjoy this post. It doesn't look as though many weddings will be put up on the website this year. This is the first one on the main blog and the year is three-quarters over. The last blog post was a from last year. We do intend to share more, we've got so many to choose from to blog here. It's been our busiest year with more weddings than any previous year. If you like the venue and would like to have your wedding there, here is the website for The Villa in San Juan Capistrano.

Villa San Juan Capistrano Wedding wedding dress and invitations orangecounty2.13 orangecounty2.14 orangecounty2.16 groomsmen brothers groomsmen orangecounty2.19 orangecounty3.1 bride black and white Bridal bouquet orangecounty3.4 orangecounty3.5 orangecounty3.6 orangecounty3.7 orangecounty3.8 Orange County Wedding Bride and Groom OC orangecounty4.01 Bride Orange County Villa San Juan Capistrano Wedding Bridal Orange County orangecounty4.4 orangecounty4.5 orangecounty4.6 Orange County wedding orangecounty5.001 orangecounty5.0001 orangecounty5.00001 orangecounty5.2 orangecounty5.3 orangecounty5.4 Villa San Juan Capistrano Wedding orangecounty5.6 orangecounty5.8 orangecounty5.7 orangecounty6.02 orangecounty5.9 orangecounty6.03orangecounty6.04 orangecounty6.05 orangecounty6.06 orangecounty6.07 orangecounty6.08 orangecounty6.09 orangecounty6.095 orangecounty7.01 orangecounty7.001 orangecounty7.2 orangecounty7.3 orangecounty7.4 orangecounty7.5 orangecounty7.6 orangecounty7.7 orangecounty7.8 orangecounty7.9 orangecounty8 orangecounty8.01 orangecounty8.2 orangecounty8.3 orangecounty8.4 orangecounty8.5 orangecounty8.6 orangecounty8.7 orangecounty8.7 orangecounty8.9 orangecounty9.0001 orangecounty9.001 orangecounty9.05 orangecounty9.04 orangecounty9.03 orangecounty9.02 orangecounty9.06 orangecounty9.07 orangecounty9.08 orangecounty9.09 orangecounty10 orangecounty11 orangecounty12 orangecounty13 orangecounty14 orangecounty15 orangecounty16 orangecounty17 orangecounty18 Southern California is blessed with lots of sun, and we are always happy to travel there for photographic work. If you would like us to give you a quote to travel to your destination wedding, email us here. Heath: This last photo is the day after the wedding, just spending a lazy Sunday afternoon with the family. Nicole and Kevin came by for a few hours before heading to the airport (to fly to Bali for their honeymoon). I love this shot because it sums up how Sunday afternoons feel at Kevin's parents house. There is always a lot of talking, but more than anything there is competition. Recently it has been corn hole. Before that the biggest Mario Kart 64 battles I've ever been a part of. Great fun but it would have been much better had I won =) orangecounty19

October 27, 2016

A wedding photographers Chattanooga TN dream: Amanda & Nick

Wedding Photographers Chattanooga TN

And the award for the most creative wedding goes to Nick and Amanda! This was a great day to be  wedding photographers in Chattanooga TN. A few days earlier, while listening to their description of the set up we prepared ourselves to shoot a bizarre disco wedding in the dark. But what we were honored to photograph was something SO entirely different and absolutely beautiful! What a fun group of people… what amazing styling by Zach McDonald and what a unique and memorable day! This wedding photography blog post is a little bit back-to-front. The first few photos were taken after their wedding and after their honeymoon in Iceland too. The planning of their day left no time for a couple shoot so instead of engagement photography they got dressed up after the wedding for a ‘post-wedding photography shoot’. The location is downtown Chattanooga TN for the indoor shots, and Chattanooga’s Baylor School for the outside ones. This post is a mix of 6×7 film & digital. For the technical minded, we used a Pentax 67II with a home-mounted 178/2.4 Aero Ektar large format lens for most of the film photographs. It was truly a dream shooting this beautiful couple and as two wedding photographers in Chattanooga TN we hope to see more of you stylishly in love couples! If you like what you see and want us to be your wedding photographers in Chattanooga, Atlanta or Nashville (or anywhere really), drop us a line here.  

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Wedding Photographers Chattanooga TN chattanooga0 chattanooga1 chattanooga2 chattanooga3 chattanooga4 chattanooga5 chattanooga6 * * * * * The actual 'wedding day' photography starts here

chattanooga7 chattanooga8 chattanooga9 chattanooga10 chattanooga11 chattanooga12 chattanooga13 chattanooga14 chattanooga15 chattanooga16 chattanooga18 chattanooga19 chattanooga20 chattanooga22 chattanooga23 chattanooga26 chattanooga27 chattanooga28 chattanooga29 chattanooga30 chattanooga31 chattanooga32 chattanooga33 chattanooga34 chattanooga35 chattanooga36 chattanooga37 chattanooga38 chattanooga39 chattanooga40 chattanooga41 chattanooga42 chattanooga43 chattanooga44 chattanooga45 chattanooga46 chattanooga47 chattanooga50 chattanooga51 chattanooga52 chattanooga53 chattanooga54 chattanooga55 chattanooga56 chattanooga57 chattanooga58 chattanooga59 chattanooga60 chattanooga61.1 chattanooga61 chattanooga62 chattanooga64 chattanooga65 chattanooga66 chattanooga67.1 chattanooga67 chattanooga68 chattanooga69 chattanooga70 chattanooga71 chattanooga72 chattanooga73 chattanooga74 chattanooga75 chattanooga76 chattanooga77 chattanooga78 chattanooga79 chattanooga80.2 chattanooga80.3 chattanooga81 chattanooga82 chattanooga83 chattanooga84 chattanooga85 chattanooga86 chattanooga87 chattanooga88 chattanooga89 chattanooga90 chattanooga93 chattanooga94 chattanooga95 chattanooga96 chattanooga97 chattanooga98 chattanooga99 chattanooga100

August 25, 2016

Newcastle Private Garden Wedding Photography

Filed under Newcastle Private Garden Wedding Photography Photographing weddings in private gardens is a special thing. In this case, every tree was planted by the brides father. So it makes sense that she climbed at least one during the day. The ceremony wasn't only surrounded by family and friends, but an extension of them that has (perhaps thoughtfully) watched over the years. Even though the party (at the Lucky in Newcastle) continued well into the night, this blog post features on the part of the day in the garden. We very much hope you enjoy it =)

Wedding Newcastlenewcastle2newcastle3newcastle5.1newcastleweddingphotonewcastlephotoweddingweddingphotographernewcastlenewcastle10newcastle11weddingphotographernewcastlenewcastle13newcastle15Newcastle Private Garden Wedding Photographynewcastle17newcastle18Newcastle weddingnewcastle21newcastle22newcastle23newcastle24newcastle25newcastle26newcastle27newcastle29newcastle30newcastle30.1newcastle31Newcastle wedding gardennewcastle37newcastle34newcastle35wedding newcastle photoNewcastle garden weddingnewcastle38newcastle36newcastle40newcastle41newcastle42newcastle43newcastle44newcastle45newcastle47newcastle48newcastle49newcastle50newcastle51newcastle52newcastle54newcastle53newcastle55

We'd very much like to thank The Wedding Designers who did a fantastic job. It's always a delight to hear when a couple have chosen them. Get in touch with them at:

December 11, 2014

Wedding Photographs in Maleny Queensland

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Hannah and Cameron got married at a great time and place for light. Winter in Australia. Yes it was cool-ish in the shade, but in the sun it's a special kind of warmth. The light comes in at a wonderful angle, and there isn't a time of the day that the light looks too harsh. Summer weddings have such harsh sunlight that it's crucial to plan outdoor ceremonies in the shade or late afternoon. It's amazing how different the light is in SoCal or the South (US), it's softer there all year round.


It was an honor to be there for Han and Cam. The groomsmen were hilarious, especially the best man who chose to make fun of your's truly in his speech. There has only been one guest at a wedding that is more memorable for me this year, and that guest licked my face on the dance floor - no joke! I had never been to Maleny in Queensland, let alone to photograph a wedding. The unusual mountains jut right out of an otherwise quite flat landscape - a dramatic backdrop that is iconic of the region. I flew all the way from Chattanooga in Tennessee just to shoot it, and then I flew all the way back. A long flight and some seriously confused circadian rhythms but I'm very happy I made the trip. Ceremony and reception location: Tiffany's i

wedding photo brisbane2 brisbane7 wedding photographs maleny queensland brisbane4 wedding photographs brisbane9 wedding photographs maleny queensland brisbane15 brisbane14 maleny queensland brisbane12 brisbane11 brisbane16 wedding photographs maleny queensland brisbane17 brisbane19 brisbane21 brisbane20 brisbane22 brisbane24 maleny queensland brisbane25 brisbane26 brisbane27 brisbane28 brisbane29 brisbane33 brisbane32 brisbane31 brisbane30 brisbane34 brisbane39 brisbane38 brisbane37 brisbane36 brisbane35 brisbane41 brisbane40 brisbane42 brisbane44 brisbane43 brisbane45 brisbane46 brisbane47 brisbane48 brisbane49 brisbane50 brisbane51 brisbane52 brisbane57 brisbane56 brisbane55 brisbane54 brisbane53 brisbane59 brisbane58 brisbane61 brisbane63 brisbane62 brisbane60 brisbane64 brisbane65 brisbane69 brisbane67 brisbane66 brisbane70 brisbane74 brisbane73 brisbane72 brisbane71 brisbane68 brisbane81 brisbane80 brisbane79 brisbane77 brisbane76 brisbane75 brisbane82

November 17, 2014

Tocal Wedding, Brooke and Konrad

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Because this wedding was so much fun, I'll have to relax in this description. I'll try to not sugar coat it from the start. So to start on a balanced note, this Tocal wedding day was super hot. Super duper humid. Sweaty. But it was just so lovely that everyone got swept away with the joy-train. People are often very worried about the weather on a wedding day. Over and over again we see days like this. Transcendent! Take a look and let us know if you have a Tocal wedding in the making. Or more specifically, a wedding at the beautiful Mindaribba House. Our bride and groom, Brooke and Konrad are good friends of ours. It was such a treat to be there for this lovely day. #broradforever!

mindaribbahouse4mindaribbahouse1Tocal weddingmindaribbahouse3mindaribbahouse5mindaribbahouse7mindaribbahouse8mindaribbahouse9mindaribbahouse10mindaribbahouse11mindaribbahouse12mindaribbahouse13mindaribbahouse14mindaribbahouse15mindaribbahouse16mindaribbahouse17mindaribbahouse18mindaribbahouse19mindaribbahouse20mindaribbahouse21.0mindaribbahouse21.1mindaribbahouse21.2mindaribbahouse21mindaribbahouse22mindaribbahouse23mindaribbahouse24mindaribbahouse25mindaribbahouse26mindaribbahouse27mindaribbahouse28mindaribbahouse29mindaribbahouse30mindaribbahouse31mindaribba house tocal ceremonymindaribbahouse32mindaribbahouse33mindaribbahouse34mindaribbahouse35mindaribbahouse36mindaribbahouse37mindaribbahouse38mindaribbahouse39Tocal weddingmindaribbahouse41mindaribbahouse42mindaribbahouse43mindaribbahouse44mindaribbahouse45mindaribbahouse46mindaribbahouse47mindaribbahouse48mindaribbahouse49mindaribbahouse50mindaribbahouse51mindaribbahouse52mindaribbahouse53mindaribbahouse54mindaribbahouse55mindaribbahouse56Konrad and Brooke Brorad forevermindaribbahouse57Tocal Weddingmindaribbahouse59mindaribbahouse60Mindaribba House Tocalmindaribbahouse62mindaribbahouse63mindaribbahouse64mindaribbahouse65.1mindaribbahouse65mindaribbahouse66mindaribbahouse67mindaribbahouse68mindaribbahouse69mindaribbahouse70mindaribbahouse71mindaribbahouse72mindaribbahouse73mindaribbahouse74mindaribbahouse75mindaribbahouse76mindaribbahouse77mindaribbahouse78.1mindaribbahouse78mindaribbahouse79
So there it is! Get in touch with us here if you'd like to have a chat. Otherwise there should be a comment section below. Clicking on the title at the beginning of the blog post will make it appear at the bottom if you don't see it. We'd like to thank the staff at Mindaribba house and all the friends and family of Brooke and Konrad. Extra special thanks to Ben with his amazing floral designs. Check out his stuff at . Thanks too to the beautiful region around Tocal. Wedding paradise. Before I forget, thanks also to Sam Vincent of White Lane Studio. He did the video on the day and it's always a pleasure having him around. He has a dry sense of humour so he'll probably think I'm joking when he reads this. If you ever hire him or see him at a wedding, take heed, be warned. The dryness and sarcasm is deadly. Thanks for reading and looking. If you're a photographer and would like some technical information, don't hesitate to get in touch.

April 28, 2014

Yarramalong Valley Wedding Photography

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Our friends Adam and Laura said their "I do's" in a quaint chapel in the woods. Laura's fiery red hair set the tone for the day - FUN! We loved every detail of their wedding and were so honored to be the wedding photographers. The miniature pony was a very fitting surprise as Laura affectionately refers to Adam as "pony". Then there was the dog that showed up on the dance floor. This wedding had it all: babies, animals, suspenders, rad cars, fun people and a steamy romance. Oh, and cupcakes!

nashville2 nashville3 yarramalong-valley-wedding-photography nashville5 nashville6 nashville7 nashville8 nashville9 yarramalong-valley-wedding-photography nashville11 nashville14_o nashville21_o nashville23_o nashville24_o nashville26_o nashville28 nashville29 nashville31_o nashville32 nashville33_o nashville34_o nashville35_o nashville38_o nashville39_o nashville40_o nashville41_o nashville43_onashville44_o nashville45_o nashville46_o nashville47_o nashville48_o nashville50_o nashville51 nashville53_o nashville54_o nashville55_o nashville56_o nashville57_o nashville58_o nashville59_o Yarramalong Valley Wedding Photography nashville61_o nashville62_o nashville63 nashville65_o nashville66_o nashville67_o nashville68_o nashville71_o nashville72_o nashville75_o nashville76_o nashville77 nashville78 nashville79 nashville80 nashville81 nashville82 nashville83_o nashville84_o nashville85 nashville87_o nashville88_o nashville89_35_o nashville90_o nashville92_95_o nashville94_o nashville95_o nashville96_92_o nashville98_38_o nashville99 nashville100_37_o nashville104_o nashville107_36_o nashville108_40_o nashville109_45_o nashville110_o nashville112_o nashville114_o nashville115_39_o nashville116_o nashville117_o nashville118_o nashville119_o nashville120_o nashville121_o nashville122_o nashville123_o nashville124_o nashville125_41_o nashville126_o nashville127_o nashville129_43_o nashville131_o nashville136_o nashville137_o nashville138_o nashville139_o nashville141_o nashville142_o nashville145_o nashville146_o nashville147_47_o nashville150_46_o nashville151 nashville152 nashville153 nashville154 nashville155 nashville156 nashville157_o nashville158_o nashville160 nashville161 If you are planning a Yarramalong Valley Wedding and are looking for a photographer, write to us here. We'd love to hear from you.