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March 21, 2017

Wallalong House is the Perfect Wedding Photography Venue – Hunter Valley

The title says all you need to know. Wallalong House is the perfect wedding photography venue in the Hunter Valley. Asides from being extremely photogenic too! There's plenty of space to do everything on site, and a big enough house to do both the bride and groom prep. The main reason why it's worth booking is this:

Wallalong House Wedding Photography Venue

The ideal outdoor wedding photography setup. Two huge trees shading everything from the western sun. Weddings in summer here are more bearable than most other venues in the Hunter Valley. This photo is taken heading west, helping it to have a light and airy backlit feel. It's perfect. Wallalong House also happens to be a little higher than all the surrounding area, so if there is a breeze it'll come right in and cool things down. That's exactly what it did on the day these photos were taken. This wedding was in the middle of the first month of summer.

Wallalong Wedding Photography Venue Perfect

Then there's a beautiful hedge and a gate further west:

Wallalong House Photography Wallalong

Also a beautiful long driveway lined with trees, with a light shade surface that reflects nice neutral light (which is flattering).

Wallalong House Photo

There are lots of nooks on all four corners of the property that photograph well. This is perfect for finding the best light at Wallalong. It also helps in hiding from different kinds of weather if needed. So, so many options, and nooks and crannies everywhere.

nooks and crannies at wallalongWedding photographer newcastle hunter valley

The reception venue is a permanent tent, and it's very handy to this view. It makes it easy to duck out at sunset for a two minute (truthfully) photo session:

Here's a night shot of the tent:

And finally - the pool. There may or may not be a pool fence around it now.

If you are looking at getting married here, write to us and we'd love to catch you for a coffee and chat =)
January 20, 2016

Redleaf Wollombi Wedding

Tagged under "Redleaf Wollombi Wedding" for venue suggestions If you're looking for a Hunter Valley venue, make sure you check out Redleaf in Wollombi for your Wedding. Or anything else really. Lots of people stay for a weekend away (EDIT: they used to but now this venue seems to be getting more and more wedding focused, so perhaps this isn't an option anymore).

Wollombi RedleafRedleaf Wollombi WeddingOld Windows RedleafRedleaf WollombiWedding RedleafRedleaf WollombiRedleaf Wollombi Weddingwollombi 21Redleaf Wollombi Wedding

Above there are a few snaps from our two latest weddings at Redleaf. Wollombi Weddings are becoming more common for us. It has fast earned favourite status as it is a little different from the other offerings in the Hunter Valley. It has a european influence in the styling and garden design.
The great thing for photographing this venue is there is a lot of different 'spots' that photograph well. This is really useful because at different times of the year the lighting angle can be very different. There's always a good spot that works. The lovely big vines growing on the walls are a great background for group shots. There is a lovely big lavender garden at one side that's definitely worth using. There are a lot of white pebbles in the ceremony area and around the main building. These are especially useful because it bounces a nice white light. Much better than green grass that can make someone look green around the gills!
UPDATE: Redleaf now has its own website: www.redleafwollombi.com.au/
If you like our photography style, feel free to write to us about shooting your wedding. If we are booked we are happy to give you suggestions of similar photographers to us. Talk soon!
December 27, 2015

Adams Peak, The Barn, Broke

Adams Peak in Broke in a reasonably new location in the Hunter Valley for Weddings. The Barn at Adam's Peak is a good sized space for wet weather backup, but the main reason you want this venue is for such amazing outdoor spaces. Everything is close and easy to shoot, with dramatic mountains (as far as Australia goes) as the backdrop. It's possibly the best outdoor location for a ceremony in the Hunter Valley. However, the sun angle requires an overcast day or a late afternoon time-slot to have everyone in shade in summer. In order to update this page more often, I'm planning to write up locations with recommendations and caveats. If you have any questions feel free to email me or to comment below. Another tick for this location is that it is easy to have it all in one location, with no need to travel. This means it is easy to fit everything into 8 hours coverage, without feeling rushed. Of course, if other locations are required or coverage until the end is wanted, we do offer unlimited packages. It is nice to not need to worry about the clock! Here a a couple of shots of the location (Adams Peak, Broke). The first is a December outdoor ceremony on an overcast day. The second is the space in front of The Barn. This works really well for outdoor receptions. Adams Peak The Barn Broke Adams Peak The Barn Broke There's one thing that can be a positive or negative point. Broke is deep in the Hunter Valley if you are coming from Sydney. It's about an extra half an hour past Cessnock. Having said that, there is still a reasonable amount of accommodation nearby. Many weddings organise coaches so people can drink and be dropped off at their hotels back in Cessnock.
April 13, 2015

Calligraphy with Galina

We had the pleasure of hanging with Lee and Galina a week or two ago. Galina is a Calligraphy genius. She does amazing wedding invitations and is featured on The Lane with her great work. Here is a photo of Jac learning from the master! caligraphy Galina's work: Galina calligraphy
March 14, 2015

Anna Weatherup Photo Shoot

filed under: Anna Weatherup by Heath Anna Weatherup is well known for having all the judges spin on 'the Voice' (for her rendition of Fields of Gold). She is an amazing (and overqualified) wedding singer! I first met her at a wedding before she was on the show. I was familiar with her work and said that I'd love to shoot her sometime. So when she got in touch and let us know she wanted a shoot, we were keen to jump right in. Here are a few from the shoot: Anna Weatherup Anna Weatherup Anna Weatherup the voice Anna Weatherup the voice Anna Weatherup For the photographically minded, the above was taken on a Pentax 67II with the 105mm 2.4 lens, using Kodak Portra 800 exposed at 400 and developed normally. A Nikon F6 was also used, and I will add photos from that soon too. When Anna Weatherup sings, her tone is the first thing you notice. Then you notice her talent in restraint. I love the way she doesn't do too much. She has great taste. Even though she is capable of doing the tricks, the best trick is knowing how much is enough. Here's an example, skip to the one minute mark to get straight to the song: You can keep in touch with Anna Weatherup here. Also Anna writes custom songs for people getting married. Check it out here.
February 18, 2015

Branding Jac and Heath

We are loving our branding. Also, we are happy to share to other photographers that may like what they see here. For instance, the engraved USB you see here is from USB Memory Direct. They have been perfect to deal with, and very reliable so far. Plus the USB drives have mounted reliably and copied quickly. Here is a photo of what we deliver to our clients: Branding Jac and Heath Just send us a message if you are a professional photographer and you'd like to ask any questions.