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April 8, 2014

Digital Night Photography

Digital Night Photography k Digital wins when it gets dark. This shot was taken hand-held and wide open (aperture 1.4) with a cost effective Nikon 50mm prime. On full frame bodies, it doesn't negatively effect image quality too much to be at 6400 ISO/ASA. Digital night photography is too easy. I took this when we lived at a house overlooking the beach. When family visited, we decided it would be fun to have an impromptu beach fire on full moon. The lighthouse added an extra backlight. I like the memories this image brings back. I just wish we did this more often at the beach house while we lived there!
March 23, 2014

Film Colors

Film Colors Film colors are beautiful. This was shot a little east of Canberra, the capital of Australia. I love the dry rolling hills. It was taken with Fuji Superior 200 on 135 format. It was scanned on the Pakon. Many photographers, both amateur and professional want their digital shots to look like they have been shot with film. Film colors are better, I say, unless lots of work is put in to fake it. The popularity of VSCO and other film emulation programs, plug-ins and presets attests to the way people want the ease of digital, but the film colors. C-41 is the process of most color films today, and this particular process is know to be less true to life and less repeatable than 'slide film' or E-6. Who cares about repeatability though? In the age of Instagram people are seeming to love tinted looking images rather than true to life images. Often people want something to feel a certain way than to document something as it was. A photo isn't put online until it has various grades and filters added. Many photographers are sick of all the fiddling around. If film is used in the first place, it has the look without needing to be faked. The main reason why I choose to still shoot digital so much is the 'moment'. Shooting digital means you can really mash the shutter to capture the moment without a worry. I suppose there is a worry though, sorting the images later! I am quite trigger happy, and there is always loads of shots. For natural, candid moments I think digital for me is still king. To get film colour is possible, just time consuming. Digital no doubt takes more time when you think about it. Apologies for if I drift between the Australia and US ways of spelling color/colour on this blog.
March 20, 2014

One roll 120

One roll 120 So here is what I got from one roll of 120 film on a Pentax 67II. 10 shots per roll. Every shot is in this post, even the ones that I don't like or where the focus isn't perfect (to my taste). I've cropped a few to make the post a little more interesting, but most are the full frame. Some are just cropped a little to be slightly narrower. These are using the D800 scan technique, so are between 25 and 30 megapixel, roughly the same as what you'd get from a $30,000 Noritsu commercial level scanner. It took around the same amount of time to scan this roll of ten shots as it would if I used the Epson V700 flatbed scanner, yet I believe the resolution was far better, and the dynamic range was wider and more flexible. I'm quite happy with the result. I shot digital for the rest of this wedding, but just enjoy film so much that I like to take a roll if time permits. It isn't just the fact that it's fun to act like a chemist and develop the negatives in the kitchen sink. The 6x7cm format is just so much larger than 35mm 'full frame' cameras that the finder is huge, and the presence of the image is more substantial. If you ever get the chance to look in a large format camera, ideally an 8x10 or bigger, you'll understand what I mean. I hope you enjoy what I was able to capture. I've posted this to illustrate just how much higher the keeper rate is with film. If I posted 100% of the shots I took with the digital camera as well, this same day, you would have grey hair and be very frustrated by the time you'd finished with the post.

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March 19, 2014

NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure

NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure Monday and Tuesday again this week was taken up shooting for the NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure, through the Red Bean Republic agency that runs out of Pyrmont. Sorry for the lack of posts! The 'daily' nature of this blog may be more of an intention to keep me aiming to post daily. It seems almost impossible to make it truly a daily thing. I really enjoy taking on some commercial clientele in order to keep things fresh. If I only shot weddings I feel that it may restrict my growth as a photographer. Ideas for good wedding photos can come from anywhere, and I feel that the commercial work keeps my mind functioning on different levels. Several cool locations that we went to also widen the map of locations that are possible for e-shoots. The image above is from a Russian Orthodox Church in western Sydney. Part of the brief was to show the multicultural nature of Western Sydney. The images I delivered to the NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure will be used in a document that the Premier supposedly is wanting quick smart so this was the typical commercial instant turnaround situation.
March 13, 2014

Photos From the Archives

photos from the archives When this site was reborn in January I said I'd share more photos from the archives. I made the above collage which gives a bit of a taste, but the image wasn't used when the website transitioned over. I wanted to use this image again because I think it gives a good taste of the photos from the archives that will be surfacing now and again (and it's the second post today so if you're a long time reader I'm not cheating you!). Of course this section of the website will have lots of fresh stuff too, but there are many past adventures that I think you'll want to see and read about.
March 13, 2014

A Really Good Wedding Speech

Really Good Wedding Speech You can't get a really good wedding speech online. The speech that was being made in the above photographs started with a really simple line that was just simple and natural. People laughed so hard that he had to wait a while to continue. With a really good wedding speech there are certain things that you notice that don't often happen. You notice all the staff at the venue have stopped doing everything and are staring with a joyous face. Guests can't help but do the laugh where their neck falls backwards and their face is looking upwards. You notice people are muttering, he/she is killing it. Even if it is a long speech it feels short. Afterward the next person always says, 'How am I going to follow that?'. This is conceding defeat from the start. Never concede defeat! Never say, 'I'm terrible at this' or, 'I'm nervous'. Instead charge on and make the party even better. Now to photograph a really good wedding speech is a challenge. I don't really have much advice other than try to stay out of the way and shoot people who are unaware of you. If the speech is of a certain quality you'll be invisible because they'll be so fixated!