March 5, 2014

D800 Film Scanner

D800 film scanner I didn't expect this weird setup to be so amazing. The D800 film scanner! I mounted a 45mm tilt shift macro on the D800 and shot the film in between ANR (anti newton ring) glass to hold the 6x7 negative flat. Illumination came from an iPad. Tripod was a BH-55 from RRS. It's important to have the iPad a little distance away from the negative, otherwise you'll get the RGB pattern of the screen coming through. I focused on the grain in 'live view' to make sure that the image was in perfect focus. I have really brought the contrast out a long way because the D800 has such a lot of file data to push around. I've posted this image here before, but what you see here is a better scan for a gallery print being made this afternoon. FULL SIZE IMAGE HERE Please note that the negative had a weird dark bit at the top and unusual heavy vignetting, this is as it appeared with the V700. There is just a lot more resolution. It's interesting to see that there is still detail beyond what the D800 captured on a 6x7 negative at 100% in photoshop. Perhaps next time I'll try a 3x panorama stitch from the one frame. Here is what the same shot looked like from the V700 (less contrast obviously, but that has to do with different processing): black and white ocean photograph with backlit sun 100% of the D800 film scanner image (on retina screens, 1600px wide): D800 film scanner

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