April 22, 2014

Expired film surf

expired film surf surf expired film lakes3 lakes4 expired film surf lakes6 k Yes, it is true, I love expired film. Add surf to the mix and I'm a happy person. The waves have been really fantastic over easter, and these shots document one of the days. One of the less crowded days actually... It got crazy busy. Half of these shots were taken by me, and half by my other half, Jac. There is a shot of me walking towards her in the set above. Hi. The generally accepted rule of thumb is expired film needs to be exposed an extra stop for every ten years past the expiry date. My stepdad handed me this roll of film and said he didn't know how long it had been in existence. He also said it hadn't been kept in the fridge. I decided to rate it at 100, while the box speed was 400. I really like the way the colours are inconsistent across expired film that hasn't been stored well. It's nice not having a clue what you'll get, and then feeling stoked with the result. The camera used was a gift from my cousin, an Nikon N70 (F70 in the US). It requires a bit of fussing to get the aperture you want on a lens without an aperture ring (I was using the 85 1.8 -G-), but for $25 on eBay what can you expect? Putting it on portrait mode makes it shoot at f/2, and sport mode to keep the shutter high with the lens a little less wide open. The film was Kodak 400 Ultramax High definition or something like that. I'll leave you with a shot of some of the family that was there with us. These two shots weren't the best for skin tones, there were some other shots on the roll that were very good, but that's what you get with expired film. I just like these shots because of the subject =) s lakes7 s


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