December 23, 2014

Juneau Helicopter Photos

Filed under Juneau Helicopter Photos Juneau Helicopter Photos Some hiking shots in the mix too. Plus more general stuff from the Pacific Northwest. We hope to be able to make the journey a lot more to Alaska, especially to see family and friends there. I've got a bunch more 35mm scans that I'll have to add at some point. In the meantime here is a bunch of Kodak film, shot on the Pentax 67 with the 105 and 45mm lenses. Juneau29 Juneau3 Juneau5i Juneau4 Juneau107 Juneau106 Juneau Helicopter Photos Juneau111 Juneau7 Juneau8 Juneau Helicopter and Hiking Photos Juneau11 Juneau13 Juneau16 Juneau18 Juneau19 Juneau22 Juneau23 Juneau24 Juneau21 Juneau25 Juneau26 Juneau27i Juneau45 Juneau44 Juneau43 Juneau42 Juneau Helicopter and Hiking Photos Juneau40 Juneau39 Juneau38 Juneau37 Juneau33 Juneau32 Juneau104 Juneau Helicopter and Hiking Photos Juneau34 Juneau28 Juneau31 Juneau105 Juneau103 Juneau101 If you'd like to see Jac's photos from Alaska (especially worth it for the whales), click here.


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