April 10, 2014

Kodak Ektar Cityscape

Kodak Ektar Cityscape d (Pentax 67II + 45mm f/4) A Kodak Ektar cityscape. Why did I choose Ektar? Very small grain, very high resolution, very strong colour. It seems as though Kodak Ektar has a gift at cutting through glare and smog. Which of course a city is known for. This shot makes the view look very clear. On a humid 100 degree day in summer in New York, this is quite a feat. This was taken last year, and I'm posting it after having a request from a friend for a large print for his house. I'm happy for him to print this as large as he likes, and I'm confident the resolution and colour will blow his mind. I'm looking forward to seeing Kodak Ektar on a grand scale. The scan was made by Indie Film Lab on a Noritsu. It is about 28 megapixel. It was on their $8 untouched scans, which I very much recommend. I may be able to share more thoughts here on it when the print is made. Here is another shot from the same time with the same setup, but in the opposite direction. I've warped the perspective a little to keep the verticals a little more straight. I enjoy the warm tone that's happening here. This wasn't added in post. Can't wait to get back to NYC again this year for another wedding in September! Kodak Ektar Cityscape j


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