July 23, 2014

Los Angeles Street Portraits

Brother-in-law Jordan accompanied me for these Los Angeles street portraits just before I flew back to Sydney this week. We took out two old pushbikes (pictured below) and rode around trying to avoid cars. To their credit, LA drivers were super friendly and kind to us. For our random models, everyone I asked said yes except for one, and she was really kind in letting me down. I have put info about the pictures below. I took just the one roll of 120 (Kodak Portra 160), on the Pentax 67II with the 105/2.4. So here are the 10 shots from that one roll I shot. Sometimes I enjoy really limiting the amount I can shoot, so I can see things more than photographing everything. These were self processed at home with my brother James' Jobo (in Kodak chemistry) and Frontier SP-3000. Los Angeles Street Portraits ^ This girl graciously said yes to the photo and started to do her hair, and I said 'freeze' and shot it, then asked her to turn and face the camera. She was interested in the Pentax so I took off the prism and let her look down through it. I love people's amazement about how cool the vertical finder looks. LosAngeles02 ^ Our lovely bicycles. Perfect for Los Angeles. Street Portrait seekers. Street Portraits Los Angeles ^ LHS: Jordan pretending I didn't tell him to stand there. RHS: Guy with cool hair outside Paper or Plastik. Los Angeles Street Portraiture ^ LHS: Stylish guy at the Grove. RHS: Stylish guy walking along Melrose. LosAngeles05 ^ LHS: Miss Kirkman's art. RHS: Staff at Paper or Plastik. Great food, nice light thanks to big windows and nice people. street portrait LA Hope you liked these. If you'd like to see some street portraits from last year (with more Los Angeles Street portraits, specifically Venice), click here.


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