January 20, 2016

Redleaf Wollombi Wedding

Tagged under "Redleaf Wollombi Wedding" for venue suggestions If you're looking for a Hunter Valley venue, make sure you check out Redleaf in Wollombi for your Wedding. Or anything else really. Lots of people stay for a weekend away. Wollombi RedleafRedleaf Wollombi WeddingOld Windows RedleafRedleaf WollombiWedding RedleafRedleaf WollombiRedleaf Wollombi Weddingwollombi 21Redleaf Wollombi Wedding Above there are a few snaps from our two latest weddings at Redleaf. Wollombi Weddings are becoming more common for us. It has fast earned favourite status as it is a little different from the other offerings in the Hunter Valley. It has a european influence in the styling and garden design. The great thing for photographing this venue is there is a lot of different 'spots' that photograph well. This is really useful because at different times of the year the lighting angle can be very different. There's always a good spot that works. The lovely big vines growing on the walls are a great background for group shots. There is a lovely big lavender garden at one side that's definitely worth using. There are a lot of white pebbles in the ceremony area and around the main building. These are especially useful because it bounces a nice white light. Much better than green grass that can make someone look green around the gills! I believe Redleaf is currently booked through Air BnB here. I assume there must be an extra fee for having a wedding there because it is an absolute steal at that price. If you like our photography style, feel free to write to us about shooting your wedding. If we are booked we are happy to give you suggestions of similar photographers to us. Talk soon! Update: It's also on Stayz with a lot more information including how to make a wedding booking.

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