December 12, 2014

Street Portraits 2014

My 2014 film street portraits taken in Los Angeles, Seattle, New York, Juneau and Florida. Chattanooga Tennessee may be in there somewhere too. 90% taken with the Pentax 67II. A few taken with the Pentax 645n. A mix of Portra 800, 400 and 160, plus the black and white is expired B&W Portra (which is a C41 black and white film stock, handy for keeping dust away). Street Portraits 2014 The processing was a mix of home jobo processing with home scanning on the Fuji Frontier SP-3000 and Indie Film Lab basic scans, which are done on the Noritsu. I think they get along ok here, but matching colours is an unnecessary complication if you can do it all on the one setup. For 2015 I'll be using Miller's Lab's $2 film processing with my shiny new (but old) Fuji Frontier. It's great to know I'll now have access to one in both Australia and the US. street2 street3 Street Portraits 2014 street5 San Destin Beach Florida street7 street8^ This guy taught me how to tie a bow tie. He sells them. street10 street11^ Why is he photographing a brick wall? street12 street14 street15 street16^ If you look closely the hairdresser is giving me the bird. Street Portraits 2014 street18 portraits 2015 street portrait nyc portraits street23^ I interrupted this girl loading Kodak Portra 400 into her camera. What a champion. street24 street25 street26^ The guy on the right was an Australian. He said I wasted a shot on him. I disagree. street27 street28 street29 street30 street31 street32 street33 street34 street35 street36 street9^ I chatted with this guy for quite some time. He was really depressed. He had a gentle nature under a mistrusting shell. street37 street38^ The guys on the right are a news crew for prime time Japan TV. street39 street42 street43 street44^ The guy on the left is an Aussie fashion shooter who was in NYC for Fashion Week. street45 street47 street48 street49 street50 street51 street52^ The team on the right are from Plastik Cafe in LA. Highly recommended, great food especially. street53 street56 street54 street57 street55^ The guy with the love heart balloon said yes to a photo but no to stopping. Walking backwards while manually focusing on the street. Juneau street photography street59 street58 Click here for the similar 2013 blog post. A few bridal shots crept in last year, but this year it's all play and no work. Hope you enjoyed this mix of 2014. Street portraits only get easier the more you do them. They teach you to focus fast and to be a more relaxed photographer. I'd recommend giving them a try to anyone. Just keep it simple. FYI, Miller's lab is here. More street portraits here.


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