December 7, 2016

Villa San Juan Capistrano Wedding

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Villa San Juan Capistrano Wedding

The Villa in San Juan Capistrano. Wedding paradise. Nicole and Kevin said that when they started looking for venues, their first place to see was The Villa. Before their tour had ended they both knew there was no point in looking further. We think they chose wisely. Nicole and Kevin are close friends of ours, and also family through marriage. So this wedding naturally meant a lot to us. We hope you enjoy this post. It doesn't look as though many weddings will be put up on the website this year. This is the first one on the main blog and the year is three-quarters over. The last blog post was a from last year. We do intend to share more, we've got so many to choose from to blog here. It's been our busiest year with more weddings than any previous year. If you like the venue and would like to have your wedding there, here is the website for The Villa in San Juan Capistrano.

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