December 20, 2014

Walnut Hill Farm Wedding Photography – Georgia and Sean

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This one is very close to home. The bride, Georgia, is Jac's sister. We had a completely over-booked October this year, with 7 weddings in that month. That pushed Georgia and Sean to move their wedding to November. Such are the perils of having a wedding photographer in the family. Walnut Hill Farm, luckily, had lovely weather for the middle of November. Otherwise it would have been on us =)

Wedding Photography Chattanooga TN

Jac was Georgia's bridesmaid, so the photographs you see below are mine (Heath here). Thanks to Georgia and Sean for having me. It's just so enjoyable to me. I never thought that I'd enjoy photographing weddings so much. When combined with family it elevates it to an even higher level.

The vintage Porsche getaway car was a special thing. Georgia has always loved them. Sean's job is selling new Volkswagen parts to old buses and beetles. The engine in this is almost identical to what he works with every day. Styling was done by Zach MacDonald from 86 Things. He's so darn good. Georgia looked beautiful. Sean did too. A great day was had at Walnut Hill Farm. The wedding photography below is all film except for the last 4 shots. For the photographers - Film: Kodak, mainly Portra 400, black and white is Arista 400. Cameras: Pentax 67II, Pentax 645n and 2x Nikon F100's. Scanned at home on a Fuji Frontier SP-3000. Developed by Millers.

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