December 11, 2014

Wedding Photographs in Maleny Queensland

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Hannah and Cameron got married at a great time and place for light. Winter in Australia. Yes it was cool-ish in the shade, but in the sun it's a special kind of warmth. The light comes in at a wonderful angle, and there isn't a time of the day that the light looks too harsh. Summer weddings have such harsh sunlight that it's crucial to plan outdoor ceremonies in the shade or late afternoon. It's amazing how different the light is in SoCal or the South (US), it's softer there all year round.


It was an honor to be there for Han and Cam. The groomsmen were hilarious, especially the best man who chose to make fun of your's truly in his speech. There has only been one guest at a wedding that is more memorable for me this year, and that guest licked my face on the dance floor - no joke! I had never been to Maleny in Queensland, let alone to photograph a wedding. The unusual mountains jut right out of an otherwise quite flat landscape - a dramatic backdrop that is iconic of the region. I flew all the way from Chattanooga in Tennessee just to shoot it, and then I flew all the way back. A long flight and some seriously confused circadian rhythms but I'm very happy I made the trip. Ceremony and reception location: Tiffany's i

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