We’re Jac and Heath Bennett, wedding photographers based conveniently in the middle of the Hunter Valley, Sydney and Newcastle. Chattanooga, TN is our home one month of the year overseas. We shoot anywhere we’re invited. Our home is at Catherine Hill Bay.


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          SALLY O.
          NSW, Aust. Testimonial.

          Oh Heath. There are just no words! They are SO beautiful! Everything we were hoping for and more.. All those amazing memories have just come flooding back, we are so happy! Thank you and Jac too, for having such a good eye, for seeing those little moments and preserving them for us, forever. I had such a laugh when I saw all the photos of me crying my way down the aisle…

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          We chase weddings anywhere. Our plans are different every year (so it’s always a good idea to ask), but we tend to spend August to April (the bulk of the year) in Australia being Hunter Valley based wedding photographers (specifically the Central Coast, near Newcastle), and for a month or so during May to August we become wedding photographers in the States (Chattanooga). What else can you do when you have family and friends in both places? Plus, we happen to love summer. It’s humbling that we have the opportunity to travel and get paid to play with cameras in a wide variety of locations. It seems like everywhere we go we want to put down roots. There are just so many lovely places, and there is always a story to be told. To us the best wedding photographs are observational and spontaneous, but that’s pretty common amongst modern wedding photographers if you look around! Our clients are our friends and we relish their stories. Write us a message if you have any questions, we are always happy to get mail. We’ll usually be able to get back to you within a day or so. We have more wedding bookings than we need each year, so we’re pretty happy in this setup, and we’ve been looked after by the industry. We’re grateful! So if you’d like a Chattanooga wedding photographer, or if you are planning a Hunter Valley wedding (or anywhere else for that matter), let us know.