Albion Farms Wedding photos

      Anyone considering the Hunter Valley for their wedding needs to visit Albion Farms. We would argue that it is the most wedding photograph friendly location of the entire Hunter Valley. This is a massive claim as it’s such a beautiful region! Every place you turn there are pretty places to photograph.

      We took these yesterday with Justin and Clare. Such lovely people – we now consider them our friends. Consider these a sneak peak of their day.

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      Albion Farms
      Albion Farm is situated on 15 acres in Woodville, New South Wales. It’s very suitable to have a ceremony in, as there are many wide open areas of mown grass. After we finished taken photos with this lovely couple, we were given a tour of the entire property. It’s incredible how much they’ve put into it. Their manicured gardens have a charm that the Hunter Valley Gardens doesn’t come close to. The people who run the place are very friendly, and as part of the tour we walked through their residence. It’s so warm and inviting, and the smell of a roast cooking added that extra element of charm. We wanted to move in!

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      Albion Farms Wedding Lake

      If you’d like more information about the property at Albion Farm, just contact us and we’d be happy to provide their contact details. Click here.

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      Albion farm bride