Family farm Pentax 645n Photography

      Steve and Doni on their family farm (on Pentax 645n). Photography with these two is always so interesting due to their personalities and how they live and work on the land. Since we photographed their wedding, we have grown into good friends. As you can see here there family is about to grow.

      These shots were taken with an old but brilliant camera, the Pentax 645n. This camera is steadily taking many film shooter’s hearts as it performs as well as a camera that costs up to seven times as much, the Contax 645. With the 105mm 2.4 67 lens the field of view is about 65mm (on 135 format). Unfortunately this isn’t quite as general purpose as the 80mm lens on the costly Contax. However, as a shooter that is used to 85mm and 35mm lenses side by side on 135 format, there is a bonus. Dual wielding with the 105mm on one side, and a 75mm on the other side is perfect (with a 45mm [28mm in 135] in the pocket for when necessary). Then the big 67 body sits nearby for shots need further subject isolation, a 50mm equivalent (if 46mm [135m equiv. of the 75mm] isn’t close enough), and a bigger neg.

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      To see the digital photos my lover-in-crime Jac took during the same shoot, click here.


      I was interested: which film did you use for this shoot?

      Expired Portra 800 🙂

      Thanks! 😉

      Amazing work, guys! If I understood you correctly, you have used Pentax 105 2.4 67 lens?

      Yes that’s right. Thanks!