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      Because this wedding was so much fun, I’ll have to relax in this description. I’ll try to not sugar coat it from the start. So to start on a balanced note, this Tocal wedding day was super hot. Super duper humid. Sweaty. But it was just so lovely that everyone got swept away with the joy-train. People are often very worried about the weather on a wedding day. Over and over again we see days like this. Transcendent! Take a look and let us know if you have a Tocal wedding in the making. Or more specifically, a wedding at the beautiful Mindaribba House.

      Our bride and groom, Brooke and Konrad are good friends of ours. It was such a treat to be there for this lovely day. #broradforever!

      mindaribbahouse4mindaribbahouse1Tocal weddingmindaribbahouse3mindaribbahouse5mindaribbahouse7mindaribbahouse8mindaribbahouse9mindaribbahouse10mindaribbahouse11mindaribbahouse12mindaribbahouse13mindaribbahouse14mindaribbahouse15mindaribbahouse16mindaribbahouse17mindaribbahouse18mindaribbahouse19mindaribbahouse20mindaribbahouse21.0mindaribbahouse21.1mindaribbahouse21.2mindaribbahouse21mindaribbahouse22mindaribbahouse23mindaribbahouse24mindaribbahouse25mindaribbahouse26mindaribbahouse27mindaribbahouse28mindaribbahouse29mindaribbahouse30mindaribbahouse31mindaribba house tocal ceremonymindaribbahouse32mindaribbahouse33mindaribbahouse34mindaribbahouse35mindaribbahouse36mindaribbahouse37mindaribbahouse38mindaribbahouse39Tocal weddingmindaribbahouse41mindaribbahouse42mindaribbahouse43mindaribbahouse44mindaribbahouse45mindaribbahouse46mindaribbahouse47mindaribbahouse48mindaribbahouse49mindaribbahouse50mindaribbahouse51mindaribbahouse52mindaribbahouse53mindaribbahouse54mindaribbahouse55mindaribbahouse56Konrad and Brooke Brorad forevermindaribbahouse57Tocal Weddingmindaribbahouse59mindaribbahouse60Mindaribba House Tocalmindaribbahouse62mindaribbahouse63mindaribbahouse64mindaribbahouse65.1mindaribbahouse65mindaribbahouse66mindaribbahouse67mindaribbahouse68mindaribbahouse69mindaribbahouse70mindaribbahouse71mindaribbahouse72mindaribbahouse73mindaribbahouse74mindaribbahouse75mindaribbahouse76mindaribbahouse77mindaribbahouse78.1mindaribbahouse78mindaribbahouse79

      So there it is! Get in touch with us here if you’d like to have a chat. Otherwise there should be a comment section below. Clicking on the title at the beginning of the blog post will make it appear at the bottom if you don’t see it. We’d like to thank the staff at Mindaribba house and all the friends and family of Brooke and Konrad. Extra special thanks to Ben with his amazing floral designs. Check out his stuff at . Thanks too to the beautiful region around Tocal. Wedding paradise. Before I forget, thanks also to Sam Vincent of White Lane Studio. He did the video on the day and it’s always a pleasure having him around. He has a dry sense of humour so he’ll probably think I’m joking when he reads this. If you ever hire him or see him at a wedding, take heed, be warned. The dryness and sarcasm is deadly.

      Thanks for reading and looking. If you’re a photographer and would like some technical information, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


      Awesome photographs. Each and every special moments captured.

      You guys are awesome. Love it!

      What an absolutely gorgeous collection of images! It looked like a perfect day! x

      Thanks Lisa – I checked out your website – top work! 🙂