The title says all you need to know. Wallalong House is the perfect wedding photography venue in the Hunter Valley. Asides from being extremely photogenic too! There’s plenty of space to do everything on site, and a big enough house to do both the bride and groom prep.

      The main reason why it’s worth booking is this:

      Wallalong House Wedding Photography Venue

      The ideal outdoor wedding photography setup. Two huge trees shading everything from the western sun. Weddings in summer here are more bearable than most other venues in the Hunter Valley. This photo is taken heading west, helping it to have a light and airy backlit feel. It’s perfect. Wallalong House also happens to be a little higher than all the surrounding area, so if there is a breeze it’ll come right in and cool things down. That’s exactly what it did on the day these photos were taken. This wedding was in the middle of the first month of summer.

      Wallalong Wedding Photography Venue Perfect

      Then there’s a beautiful hedge and a gate further west:

      Wallalong House Photography Wallalong

      Also a beautiful long driveway lined with trees, with a light shade surface that reflects nice neutral light (which is flattering).

      Wallalong House Photo

      There are lots of nooks on all four corners of the property that photograph well. This is perfect for finding the best light at Wallalong. It also helps in hiding from different kinds of weather if needed. So, so many options, and nooks and crannies everywhere.

      nooks and crannies at wallalongWedding photographer newcastle hunter valley

      The reception venue is a permanent tent, and it’s very handy to this view. It makes it easy to duck out at sunset for a two minute (truthfully) photo session:

      Here’s a night shot of the tent:

      And finally – the pool. There may or may not be a pool fence around it now.

      If you are looking at getting married here, write to us and we’d love to catch you for a coffee and chat =)