Zonzo Estate Winter Wedding

      We probably go on too much about how much we love winter weddings. Combine that love with a venue like Zonzo Estate in the Yarra Valley is a good sign. Then, most importantly, add a couple like Georgie and Jordan to the mix and you have the perfect recipe.

      Also we need to mention it had been a couple of years since shooting a wedding at Zonzo Estate, and they’ve improved their venue again. It didn’t need anything but they’ve added an amazing new chapel, entryway, extra dining areas, and new carpark. Furthermore we’d like to make special mention to the staff who always make an extra effort to help us feel welcome. Especially by filling our stomachs with great pizza. A link to Zonzo Estate’s website here.

      As a side note, usually when shooting a wedding there’s one guy with his shirt off excessively during prep photos. The other guys, possibly out of jealousy or perhaps disliking this display of pride, tend to make fun of the guy. Turning up to Jordan’s prep, all the guys had their shirts off. It seemed almost to be part of the crew you had to be built like a tank, so we asked a few questions and found a good explanation. Jordan and his best man are members of the Australian volleyball team. Good to know!

      We’re thankful to have been invited and are very proud of the images. We hope you enjoy them:

      Zonzo Estate

      Zonzo Estate Yarra Valley

      zonzo estate wedding venue

      Zonzo Estate wedding

      Yarra Valley wedding

      Zonzo estate wedding venue

      Zonzo estate wedding

      Zonzo Estate