(Frequently Asked Questions)
      Where do you travel for wedding photography?

      Anywhere. Usually we require airfare, lodging & a rental car. Please inquire for a specific quote for your destination. We keep our travel costs down to encourage destination weddings. If travel time by car is less than 2 hours from where we are at the time, we don't charge.

      What are your wedding photography rates?

      Click here and fill out the form and we'll send you our packages PDF, which is the document shown below:

      Where are you, Australia or the US?

      We spend the summer in both countries each year, and tend to book weddings seven to fourteen months in advance so that we can plan where we'll be. We don't charge international travel fees with this set-up because we book many weddings in each location, evening out our costs. For weddings in New Zealand and Indonesia, we have charged for the flights in the past as it's hard to make multiple bookings in short trips.

      How do I book?

      All you need to do is fill out a proposal that's emailed out to you (part of the PDF) and pay a 50% retainer to secure our services

      How long till I get my wedding photos after the wedding day?

      Anywhere between 1-4 weeks after - depending on the time of year.

      How many shots do we get?

      Loads of them. It seems like every season we deliver more. Currently we average 400-800 wedding photos.

      Can we get the images on disc?

      Yes - you’ll get fully processed, unprotected, high-resolution files.

      How can we pay?

      Online direct deposit or credit card via Paypal (2% surcharge). Checks (or cheques!) are only accepted within the US.

      Do you bring backup camera gear?

      Absolutely! It's one of the most important days of your life and we treat it accordingly. We also backup all of our wedding photography on hard drives, while allowing and encouraging you to duplicate your disk for no charge (the more copies the safer).