Good evening,

      Both ***** and I looked through the entire set and we love it!  We are completely happy with how the photos turned out.  We feel very emotional while looking at many of the shots…

      Thank you, to yourself and to your wife so much from both of us, for the quality artistic work, and for helping us remember the events of our wedding for the rest of our lives (plus for your continued professionalism after being attacked by that weird insect at our wedding!)

      We earnestly wish you and Jac continued success in your exciting profession, and a wonderful happy personal life together.

      newcastle wedding photographer

      Oh Heath. There are just no words! They are SO beautiful! Everything we were hoping for and more.. All those amazing memories have just come flooding back, we are so happy! Thank you and Jac too, for having such a good eye, for seeing those little moments and preserving them for us, forever. I had such a laugh when I saw all the photos of me crying my way down the aisle..that face is beyond the help of photoshop unfortunately!! You captured the joy in the faces of all our friends and family, the proud look in my dad’s eyes, and Simon’s enormous smile seeing me for the first time. Don’t even get me started on some of those gorgeous artistic shots, we are already trying to decide which one to blow up for our wall!
      I really hope you both know how important the work you do is. Forget everything else on the day, these photos are one of the only things that truly lasts, and we are so lucky to have such beautiful ones!
      Gosh.. You guys have made me totally gush!! Sorry!
      But seriously, thank you! We love them!!

      We received the most wonderful package just before the storm hit! Hope you guys faired ok.
      Thank you so much for our beautiful wedding photos. You captured our day exactly as we remember it. Perfect! We now we have the most wonderful photos to look back on, and hopefully share with our children and grandchildren. Priceless moments were not missed and will put smiles on our faces for many years to come. Liam and are so grateful we chose you and cannot express how happy we are!
      Thank you again,
      Much love Jenna and Liam

      Hi Heath, Just a quick note to say thank you for the beautiful photos. They are absolutely stunning. Wishing you and your wife the best for 2015.
      Jas and Kirsty.
      Sent from my iPhone

      Oh, Jac and Heath! What a magical array of images flew into my computer tonight. I am drooling. You are artists, and I am savoring every detail of every shot. It was pure delight to work with you, and I am ecstatic that Claire found you. Right here in my hometown!!!! Thank you for this marvelous gift. Best, Corinne

      From the moment that we contacted Jac and Heath to take our wedding photos they were an absolute delight. A perfect fusion of creativity and professionalism, they were both so approachable with any and all details for photos on our special day. Their website assured us of their skill-set and the possibility of amazing photos for our wedding, but meeting with them in a quiet, bohemian cafe to chat in person (over delicious coffees) solidified the genuine authenticity that they possess as wedding photographers who TRULY have YOUR best interests paramount for their work. On the day they both made our entire wedding party feel so comfortable, and were eager to capture each and every candid moment they could. The photos themselves are possibly the most delightful thing my eyes have ever seen! It is so wonderful to be able to look over the journey of our day and to see how happy and comfortable we were. Absolutely cannot thank you both enough for your attention to detail, creative flair, and professional touch. Jac and Heath Photography is amazing! Thank you both so much! Love B and Kale x x x

      Hi Heath,
      Arrived back in Oz yesterday and the USB arrived that afternoon – perfect timing!
      The photos are amazing, we looked through them all with my family last night and everyone said they were so impressed with how well you captured all the different emotions throughout the day. They also really loved having you and Jac there and chatting with you. I’m sure you’ve heard it a thousand times before but thanks so much for doing such an amazing job, seeing the photos has made the transition back to real life that much easier already!
      Sal might have a few words to say as well, stay tuned.
      Thanks so much

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      Oh my goodness…… Just got to sit down and look at our wedding photos….. We couldn’t be happier! Jacqueline Bennett & Heath Bennett, you guys are amazing! Thank you so much for catching our day in a way that couldn’t have been any more perfect! – Jac and Heath – Photography
      — feeling wonderful with Jeremy P.

      Elizabeth P.


      Beyond amazing. There is a ton of mediocre wedding photography out there today, Heath & Jac have raised the bar to what it should be. A delightful blend of beauty, storytelling & emotion.



      Omg…… they are amazing.
      You guys have nailed it.
      Loveeeeeeeeee them all.
      Thank you so much.



      Jac & Heath,
      Thanks so so much for providing Tammy and I such an awesome capture of the day. It was short and you both didn’t have a lot of time to come up with the stellar images you did indeed come up with. It was rainy and that took out some locations last minute, but you both were cruisy as and worked with it. You had never seen the venue before but because of your technical understanding and experience your able to adapt and freaking conquer!!!!
      I’ve always loved your work Heath, and you’ve got an epic tag-team happening. Wish you guys all the best as ya move along in life together, snapping away.
      Your a great couple, so generous, and super professional. Really appreciate your style, your willingness to help, and your openness to ideas and such. Keep doing what your doing and developing future greater amounts of radness….
      Gods blessings from Tams and Josh!


      Hi Heath and Jac!

      How are you guys? Hope you are both well since we seen you! We certainly are as we are fresh back from our time in Hawaii 🙂

      You both were so amazing on our day! Thank you so very much! You two are just too perfect for words. So many of our guests made lovely comments about the lovely presence you both have! It’s awesome.


      Chev and Jas 🙂


      Hi Heath,
      Thankyou so much for photographing our special day. I have had comments from quite a few people about how lovely you and Jacque are.
      We are both well and enjoying being married- just got back from a wonderful honeymoon in beautiful Hawaii.
      When the pics are ready we would like them sent to…


      Thanks Heath. Love the b&w shot of the fig tree. Apart from Hayley’s dress, your camera technique and way you went about it was one of the most talked about things last night. Everyone thought you were great.


      Hi Heath and Jacque,
      ‘…Thanks so much for Friday, we had an absolutely amazing time and hope you enjoyed yourselves too. Cant wait to see the photos.
      Talk soon,


      Hi Heath and Jac,

      The photos are amazing! Thanks for capturing such meaningful moments – I appreciate how much you shoot “outside the box”. You’ve really done well- esp the now – humorous lost earrings episode!

      Thanks again Jac for your feminine touch, I enjoyed seeing you both work your magic 🙂 the shots are a work of art in themselves 🙂

      Thanks- Chantal and Will


      Hi Heath,

      We just got back from our honeymoon and straight back to work unfortunately. I received an email from you, but accidentally deleted it (so sorry!).

      We wanted to touch base and say a big THANK YOU to you and to Jac for being our photographers on our wedding day. We had so much fun! So many of our guests have come up to us and said how fabulously cool the two of you were (of course we already knew that)!! And the photo booth was such a big hit. I had no idea how it could be such a great ice-breaker or how out of control and insane my friends and family are! I’m not sure which photos we’re more excited to see – the official ones or the photo booth ones.

      You will have to send us a stack of your business cards – We will be passing them out like wildfire. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

      Many thanks once again – we can’t imagine the day without you guys.

      Linda and Alan