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      Photographing weddings in private gardens is a special thing. In this case, every tree was planted by the brides father. So it makes sense that she climbed at least one during the day. The ceremony wasn’t only surrounded by family and friends, but an extension of them that has (perhaps thoughtfully) watched over the years.

      Even though the party (at the Lucky in Newcastle) continued well into the night, this blog post features on the part of the day in the garden. We very much hope you enjoy it =)

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      We’d very much like to thank The Wedding Designers who did a fantastic job. It’s always a delight to hear when a couple have chosen them. Get in touch with them at:


      Oh my gosh! Everything is so fabulous! Indeed a very memorable part of a couple’s life and all was perfectly captured! Best Wishes and Congratulations!

      Wow pictures are amazing love them all.