A blast from the past. A Pinhole Cyanotype 8×10 from my high school days in 1998.

      pinhole cyanotype 8x10

      It’s a vague memory now, and my teacher helped throughout (meaning she probably did most of the work), but I remember clearly how excited I was with it. The exposure was roughly 15 minutes, and the bell sounded for the next period during the exposure. Lots of people walked up and down the hallway here, but they are all invisible due to the length of exposure. I love the brushstrokes from the application of the chemicals. From a quick google search, the chemistry is a mix of two, ammonium iron (III) citrate and potassium ferricyanide. More information can be found about the process on a wikipedia page here.

      Here is my first darkroom enlargement from around the same time or a year earlier, from an old Minolta 35mm camera:

      darkroom enlargement

      My organizational skills from high school weren’t great, but luckily I gave these to my father who has them hanging in his office to this day. I’m really happy now that they still exist!

      It’s interesting to me that neither of these shots are of people. I was quite shy.

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